Beer Tasting Table

We have different beers to sample every weekend!

Every week has a rotating selection of beer specials- including what’s on demo. Try something new, or revisit an old favorite. Here’s what’s coming up:

August 2017

Friday, August 4

Blue Moon with KDWB and Falen 4pm-7pm
Bauhaus 4pm-8pm
Coronado 11am-7pm

Saturday, August 5

Coronado 11am-7pm

Friday, August 11

Gluek 4pm-7pm
Upper Hand 4pm-7pm
Truly 11am-7pm

Saturday, August 12

Truly 11am-7pm

Cider Sale: August 16 – August 27

Thursday, August 17

Falconer 4pm-7pm
Tin Whiskers 4pm-7pm

Friday, August 18

Utepils 4pm-6pm
MN Harvest 3pm-7pm
Cider Rhuys 3pm-7pm

Saturday, August 19

Twisted Tea TBD

Thursday, August 24

Brooklyn 5pm-8pm
Keepsake 5pm-8pm

Friday, August 25

Redstone Mead 4pm-7pm

Saturday, August 26

Insight Brewing 12-4pm

beer demos subject to change

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